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We do travel to area outside of Miami area; we have worked on sites that stretch from the tip of Florida Keys to West Palm Beach and beyond.


In order to be Environmentally Friendly and ensure an effective construction, Deck Builders Miami will be using standard board lengths to reduce the amount of wasted wood.


In order to offer a complete service for your deck construction, Deck Builders Miami builds ADA Wood Ramps. Wood Ramps are essential for wheelchair users if elevators or lifts are not available to connect different levels any part of an accessible way.




We are Deck Builders and skilled, experienced craftsmen who take tremendous pride in their work complete projects in a workmanlike, professional, and thoroughly competent manner.













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Pressure Treated Decks

Pressure treated wood has been used worldwide to provide a durable building product for outdoor projects where environmental values and product safety are priorities.

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Miami Gardens

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Deck Fastener Options
Pressure Treated Decking
Softwood, medium maintanace, medium decay resistance, medium strength.
Standard Face Screws
Recommended two per joist. The trim head screw is very small and only slightly noticeable.
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