Miami Wood Deck Maintenance

Wood Deck Maintenance

Wood Deck Maintenance

We do travel to area outside of Miami area; we have worked on sites that stretch from the tip of Florida Keys to West Palm Beach and beyond.


Your deck should be inspected to determine the extent of the damage on boards, posts, beams, and joists, as well, loose nails or boards should be checked and lumber with dry rot damage should be replaced. Read more...

In order to offer a complete service for your deck construction, Deck Builders Miami builds ADA Wood Ramps. Wood Ramps are essential for wheelchair users if elevators or lifts are not available to connect different levels any part of an accessible way.

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Wood Deck Maintenance

Cleaning and treating a deck in regular bases will extend it's life. Proper deck maintenance is important to save you thousands in repair costs associated with wood replacement.


Cleaning and Staining

To keep your wood deck looking good we will use wood cleaner specifically formulated for your wood deck surface, also a pressure washer on a low setting to remove mold and mildew and lift failed stains and sealers.

 After all the cleaning a double coat of decking stain will be applied, it must contain pigment in order to block, absorb or reflect damaging UV rays. Coating pigment protects your deck's surface from drying out and aging prematurely.

Oil-base products will provide a deeper, shinier finish on the deck surface, while water-base products produce a flat, or matte appearance.

In order to keep your deck looking its best, you must make sure that it is clean and well maintained.








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